AquaSalt Pool Salt - 40 lbs

AquaSalt Pool Salt - 40 lbs

The purest salt formulated especially for swimming pools and spas with chlorine generators, Aquasalt is produced using the Evaporated Food Grade Salt Process.

AquaSalt pool salt for saltwater pools is so pure it's used by pharmaceutical and packaged food companies. Made in Texas (yeah!), AquaSalt is 100% sodium chloride, and is recommended by many salt chlorinator manufacturers. It's even certified Kosher! AquaSalt pool salt has no impurities or calcium that can clog your salt cell or cause water balance problems. Use Aqua Salt to raise your pool salt level to desired range.  Do not use salt in your pool that contains iodine, prussiate of soda, or anti-caking agents and don't use Rock Salt or Solar Salt.

Your pool or spa’s chlorine generator converts Aquasalt into chlorine which in turn helps to remove contaminants from your water. With Aquasalt, not only will you enjoy soft, silky water that's clean, clear, and sanitized pure, you will also eliminate the irritation, harshness and strong odor that's typically associated with chlorine.

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AquaSalt-40 lbs.
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