Battle Station Squirter Set

Battle Station Squirter Set

It's head-to-head, dueling water war fun for two kids! The Battle Station Squirter Set from Swimline is action-packed imaginative pool fun!

The set includes the docking port battle station and 2 Battle Board kick-powered dual-gun water squirting inflatables with splash shields. Battle station measures 59" x 57". Battle Boards measure 53" x 28".

Kids canun leash their competitive spirit and enjoy The Battle Station Squirter for a long time without getting bored. Battle Station Squirter Set offers fun and excitement along with aerobic activity for up to 4 kids.

The Battle Station Squirter Set comes with the docking port with 2 shields and 4 water shooters, and 2 floating battle boards with 2 additional gun squirters and water shields.


  • Fabulous fun for two kids
  • Head to head kick powered dual gun squirter set with splash shields
  • 2 boards for play or lounging
  • 4 water guns for splashing good fun
  • Heavy duty construction


    Battle Station Squirter Set
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