Swimline Bellows Large Foot Pump

Swimline Bellows Large Foot Pump

This inflation pump includes an accordion air hose with 3 interconnecting nozzles to fit small, medium and large diameter inflation valves.

The universal valve fittings allow this inflation pump to inflate air mattresses, pool rafts, beach balls, inflatable boats and more! This inflation pump's high volume air flow inflates your inflatable with foot action.

No need to bend over; just use your body weight and step on the bellow for a big whoosh of air.

The Simline Bellows Large Foot Pump features a vacuum function will allow you to draw nearly all the air out of an inflatable. This will result in a much smaller deflated item that is easier to pack and leaves you more storage space. Eliminate the huffing and puffing and get the job done much faster with this high-quality Intex pump!

Swimline Bellows Large Foot Pump
Manufacturer#: 9099
Item#: T0063
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