Bestway Fast Set Pool 13 ft x 30 in, 89933

Bestway pools

Bestway Fast Set Pool 13' x 30" is built to be easily set-up and filled within hours. Just spread out the pool, inflate the top ring, and put in a hose to fill. Connect the hoses to the pool and in/out of the Bestway FlowClear pump and filter system. When full, plug the filter pump into a nearby outlet, and add chlorine tablets to a floating chlorinator.

The 13 ft. size is a Bestway special, a whole foot larger than another similar brand's popular 12 ft. model. 30 inches is the finished wall height, but actual water level in this pool will be 24" - 26", while in use. The 13 ft. Fast Set pool includes circulation pump and cartridge filter, to circulate 330 GPH (gallons per hour). Start your summer today, and get your Bestway pool before stock runs out for the season! 


Bestways Fast Set Pool 13 ft x 30 in, 89933
Manufacturer#: 89933
Item#: B3600



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    Bestway Fast Set 89933 measures 13 ft diameter, and stands 30 inches tall. Holds 608 gallons when 80% full. Includes 330 GPH pump and filter, with hoses and attachments. 

    Selecting a location for a Fast Set Pool: 

    The ground must be near perfectly level for a Fast Set pool to remain stable. In most cases, some ground leveling will be required before filling the pool. Good drainage away from the pool area during heavy storms is also important. And if possible, a sunny area with few overhanging trees is nice. Close to power and water, and visible from the house, for safety. 

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