Premium Plus Blue/Black 12 Mil Solar Blanket 16 x 24 ft Oval

Premium Plus Blue/Black 12 Mil Solar Blanket 16 x 24 ft Oval

Our Premium Plus 12 mil polyethylene Pool Solar Cover features a blue top along with the addition of a black underside which offers even greater heat absorption and insulation than our Premium Solar Blankets.

Swimming Pool Solar Covers warm the pool water temperature faster as the sun is attracted through the raised air pockets of the black and blue Solar Blanket bubble material more effectively than other solar covers. By letting sunlight in and trapping it under the cover at night, it will raise your pool’s water temperature by up to 15 degrees in a shorter period of time and without needing to consume the extra energy from your pool heater. 

Our Premium Plus Solar Blankets, additionally, prevent pool water from evaporating which helps make pool chemicals last longer further adding to the hundreds of dollars that can be saved by this smart, enviro-friendly addition to your inground or above ground swimming pool.

  • 7-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Additional black bottom layer reinforces heat insulation and absorption
  • Economically and environmentally friendly way to heat your pool water by up to 15 degrees(F)
  • Reinforced, flat seams resist wear and tear through repeated use; won’t snag and tear on corners or edges
  • UV stabilized resin construction is highly durable yet easy to cut with scissors for custom fits on kidney-shaped and odd-shaped pools
  • Use the solar blanket effectively on its own or in conjunction with a pool heater
  • Save on chemical costs and maintenance time
  • Pays for itself after a couple of seasons

Premium Plus Blue/Black 12 Mil Solar Blanket 16 x 24 ft Oval
Item#: S3222
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