C-3 Medium Grade Vermiculite - 28 lbs.

Cost Effective 25 lbs Bags of Med Grade Vermiculite Protects Your Vinyl Liner From PoolCenter.com

Medium Grade Palmetto Vermiculite creates a lighter weight, less-abrasive cement floor that is softer and easier on pools with vinyl liners. By simply mixing sand, Portland cement (found at any hardware store), and vermiculite you will create a smoother, considerably softer but equally durable pool surface that will protect the lifespan of your vinyl-lined swimming pool as well as create a more comfortable surface for your feet. Palmetto Vermiculite is a naturally inert material. 

• Affordable and easy to apply
• Protects liner durability
• Great for repairing under liner
• Mixes with water, sand, and well as Portland cement
• Shipping is just $6.95 per order

How much Palmetto Vermiculite is needed for a whole pool?
For a 20’ x 40’ pool the pool bottom Square Footage is 20 x 40 = 800.  Take 800 x .17 = 136 cu ft / 4 cu ft in the C-3 bag = 34 bags needed of C-3 vermiculite.

    C-3 Medium Grade Vermiculite - 28 lbs.
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