Cement Patch

Cement Patch

Cement Patch Fills Large Pool Cracks

High strength and fast acting, Cement Patch works overnight to form a hard and permanent patch on pool decks or pool surfaces.

Our versatile Cement Patch product is compatible with all pool and deck paints, and can be used to repair areas that will be underwater.

Modified polymer blend filld voids and bonds with all cement, stone and masonry products. Strong adhesion and limited flexibility make it ideal for patching sidewalks, driveways, pools and patios.

Cement Patch is also simple to use- just mix the 2-component material together and pour into cracks; let it cure overnight and next day you are ready to beautify your pool and deck!

10 lb pail covers 16-18 ft when filling 3/4 in. x 3/4 in. crevice

Cement Patch
Item#: A7783
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