Del Ozone MCD-50U-12 Spa Ozonator

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The MCD-50 Spa Ozone Generator does the hard work for you so you don’t have to waste time cleaning and sanitizing your spa. All you have to do is relax in it.
Ozone is one of the most powerful and safe disinfectants. The Del Ozone MCD-50 kills odors, cleans the spa water, all while saving you money on an array of spa chemicals. The Del Ozone MCD-50 is easy to plumb directly into the return line or into any ozone ready spa. Simply mount the Del Ozone Spa MCD-50 Ozone generator to an interior spa wall. Besides the generator it includes the Ozone supply tubing, the check valve, mounting hardware, a helpful water chemistry guide, and an easy-to-follow installation manual. The MCD-50U-12 model is “universal voltage”, and does not rely on a switch for operation. Attach it to power, and it operates on 100-250V.

Installation:  High output system sanitizes up to 1,000 gallons of water. Wall mountable on interior wall of spa.


  • 200% more powerful than oxygen sanitization
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria
  • Does not create a chemical residue
  • No unhealthy byproducts
  • Easy installation
  • Mazzei injector kit available
  • UL listed
  • LED light for ozone generator operation
  • 50 mg an hour ozone output at rated airflow
    Del Ozone MCD-50U-12 Spa Ozonator
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