Deluxe Maintenance Bundle

Deluxe Pool Cleaning Maintenance Tools Kit

Poolcenter Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit

A clean pool demands good tools, and you deserve them! Our Deluxe pool maintenance kit has three of our most popular pool cleaning tools, a brush, net and vac head. Using good equipment always makes any task more enjoyable, or less distasteful at least! The Deluxe pool cleaning tools bundle is convenient and saves up to 10% of the cost of buying these items separately.

PoolCenter Deluxe Maintenance Kit Includes a Brush, Net and Vacuum Head

Pro Strength Leaf Skimmer. Oversized 14" flat skimmer net, sometimes called a 'Dip 'N Flip' skimmer net. Flat nets are preferred by some pool cleaners, and are perfect for any light-duty leaf removal. Net and frame are made from heavy duty, long-life materials for years of service. Heavy gauge aluminum frame and handle won't bend under pressure.

Vinyl Pool Vacuum Head Oversized 12" triangular Clear View Vac Head made by Hydrotools. Heavy vachead is weighted (4 lbs) to track evenly over uneven floors, and stay down in vacuum position as you maneuver. Fits both 1.25" and 1.5" vacuum hoses, and the pole adapter and clip will fit any standard pool pole. Brushes and bumpers on the vacuum head make it vinyl liner friendly, and no wheels to make wheel marks on a sand bottom pool.

Supreme Pool Brush. Also Oversized, this brush has nearly 3x the amount of bristles used on regular 18"" pool brushes. Other features include an extra wide body through the center, prevents the most common cause of brush failure. Stainless steel handle adds weight and will never rust or break. Flared bristles help to clean corners and uneven surfaces better.

Order your Deluxe Vinyl Pool Cleaning Tools Kit Today, and stop working so hard with inferior pool cleaning tools!

Not compatible with the Pro Dual Cam Telepole, item A3018

    Deluxe Maintenance Bundle
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