Dolphin C4 Commercial Robotic Vacuum

Dolphin C4 Cleaner for Commercial Pools

Dolphin C4 Robotic Pool Cleaners are built for commercial pools, durable and heavy duty to withstand daily use, and autonomous to operate independently. Pool managers can place the cleaner in the pool at night, and hit Delay Start for a 2.5 or 3.5 hour cleaning cycle, to finish just before the pool opens in the morning. Also has a 1.5 hour quick clean cycle for smaller pools, or use the included Remote Control for spot cleaning.

Dolphin C4 is all new, and features the best new technology to improve performance and always ensure a clean pool. Patented hose swivels prevent the hose from tangling and affecting cleaner coverage. Dual Drive means that the front wheel tube has dual drive and can spin both halves of the tube independently, and in opposite directions. This allows the Dolphin C4 cleaner to negotiate very tight turns in corners and coves.

The most exciting and exclusive new feature on the Dolphin C4 commercial pool cleaner is the CleverClean Technology, an advanced navigation and pool scanning software system that learns every curve of your pool, and quickly negotiates any obstacles or underwater challenges it encounters. Dolphin C4 includes dual-filtration cartridge filters, with Fine and Ultra-Fine filters suited for all conditions and seasons. 

    Dolphin C4 Commercial Robotic Vacuum
    Manuf#: 99991083-C4
    $1,899.00 Qty.
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    • Low price commercial pool cleaner for quick payback.
    • 78 ft. cable suitable for pools up to 68 ft long
    • CleverClean Pool Scanning
    • Anti-Tangle Cord Swivels
    • 24-Month Dolphin Warranty
    • Dual Drive Wheel Tube for 360° Turns
    • Full Bag Indicator light and Delay Start feature
    • Filters and circulates 4,500 GPM of pool water
    • Scrubs floor, walls and waterline tile
    • Top Load filters are easy access, easy to clean
    • 3 cleaning time presets 1.5 hr, 2.5 hr, 3.5 hr
    • Remote Control Included
    • Free Caddy Included

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