Dolphin C5 Commercial Robotic Vacuum

Dolphin C5 Robotic Cleaner for Commercial Pools

Dolphin C5 Robotic Pool Cleaner Can Clean All Night

One of the best features of the new Dolphin C5 commercial cleaner are the longer cleaning cycle times. Other models have just 1-3 hour cycle times, but Dolphin C5 cleaners can run for 4-hr, 6-hr, or 8-hr cycles, to be sure that your pool is as clean as it can be when the pool is ready to open again. Mode features includes a delayed start option, to define exactly when the cleaner turns on and off. 

Dolphin C5 models also come with a remote control, handy for when you want to quickly vacuum certain areas of the pool. Simple to use, just push the buttons to direct the cleaner where you want it to go; so simple anyone can use it, and everyone will want to. 

Like all Maytronics Dolphin C-class robotic pool cleaners, the C5 model comes with dual rotating brushes and is gyroscope balanced. Heavy duty motors and cleaner components are built for the rigors of daily commercial duty, and have been engineered to be a reliable and trusted ally for your pool maintenance. 

    Dolphin C5 Commercial Robotic Vacuum
    Manuf#: 9999396X-C5
    $2,999.00 Qty.
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     - C5 includes Remote Control for manual navigation and mode selection
     - 24-month Best-in-Class Warranty
     - Patented Swivels Stops Cord Tangles
     - Large Capacity Bag holds up to 3 Qts
     - 3 Cycle Times - 4hr, 6hr or 8hr for Quick, Standard or Enhanced cleaning
     - Delay-Start Option for overnight use
     - C5 cleans walls, floors and waterline
     - 98' floating cable, suitable for most 25m pools or pools up to 88' long

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