Epoxy Primer


For the perfect pool finish use our Epoxy Primer!

Epoxy Primer ensures a proper, long-lasting bond between your pool’s surface and your new paint. This added layer will give your pool paint a thicker, ceramic-like layer so your pool finish looks spectacular, stays leak-free, and provides a surface for proper adhesion so your paint won’t peel or bubble.

  • This top-of-the-line Epoxy Primer is required for resurfacing smooth plaster, smooth concrete or gel-coat pools.
  • Designed for use with our Poxy Shield Paints - this quality primer can even be applied when the surface is damp!
  • It is recommended that the pool's surface be thoroughly cleaned with surface cleaner before using any primer or paint.
  • Apply One coat before painting with Super Poxy Shield
  • Coverage: Approximately 200-250 square feet per gallon.

For surface preparation:

  • Wash the pool with Tri-Sodium Phosphate. DO NOT use a soap-type detergent. It can leave a film on the surface which will result in poor paint adhesion.
  • Acid etching is required on bare masonry surfaces like concrete or plaster. It is also effective for removing chalky residue and hard mineral deposits on a previously painted pool.
  • We highly recommend repeating STEP 1: Wash the surface again with the tri-sodium phosphate solution to neutralize any remaining acid on the surface. Rinse thoroughly.
    Epoxy Primer - 1 Gallon
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