Flip-Floater Chlorinator

In the Swim's Flip-Floater Chlorinator Is the Only 3

The Flip-Floater is the better method to chlorinate a pool or spa thanks to its simple floating indication system that alerts you whether or not the Flip-Floater needs more 3” chlorine tabs. If the Flip-Floater is floating perfectly upright it means that it is full, if it is tilted to the left or right it means that the tablets are running low, and if it is floating entirely on its side it means that the tablets have completely dissolved, and it is time to refill the Flip-Floater. It holds up to five 3” inch tablets, and the Flip-Floater is the only flipping chlorinator system that can be refilled. The floating indication system also means that you do not have to handle as many chemicals because you do not have to periodically check the levels inside the floater which all means less time spent on maintenance for you.

  • Full:  Floats totally upright
  • Almost Empty: Floats slightly tilted
  • Needs To Be Refilled: Floats on side

The Flip-Floater can easily be adjusted with its 5 sliding vent positions so you can have the perfect tablet dissolve-rate for the pool water.

Can hold up to 5 x 3” chlorine tablets.

    Flip-Floater Chlorinator- Pool
    Manuf#: F10007
    $15.99 Qty.
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