Flip-Floater Spa Brominator

Pool Center's Flip-Floater Spa Brominator Flips On Its Side When It Is Out of 1

The Flip-Floater is the only flipping chemical dispenser that can be refilled with up to 5 x 1” bromine tablets! It’s the smarter, safer brominator because it clearly indicates to you when it needs more tablets. The system is simple and requires much less chemical handling: Floating upright means it is full of tablets, leaning slightly means that it is almost empty, floating entirely on its side means that it is empty and ready for more tablets. Since you don’t have to check periodically for yourself, you have to handle less chemicals and are exposed to less vapors.

The Flip-Floater’s vents can be easily adjusted to five different settings by simply turning its vents to adjust for the perfect dissolving rate for your hot tub, spa, or pool.

Holds up to 5 one inch tablets


• Upright: Full of tablets
• Leaning: Tablets are nearly dissolved
• Floating On Its Side: Time for more Bromine tablets

    Flip-Floater Spa Brominator
    Manuf#: F10008
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