Hayward ASL C1250 Lid with Locking Ring, SCX70BC

SCX70BC Hayward ASL C1250 Lid w/ Locking Ring Used On Hayward ASL C1250 Cartridge Filters, When Using The CX1250RE Cartridge. SCX70BC can also be found on The ASL filter parts page. Note that this filter lid fits ASL series filters, and does not fit Hayward Regenex filters; see similar looking RCX70BC. 

The filter lid or top for the Hayward ASL filter includes the locking ring or clamp band, which is not sold separately. The filter lid does not include the filter o-ring, RGX45G, which is found below or on the ASL filter parts page. Air relief bleeder is included with new Hayward ASL filter top, but pressure gauge is not included. 

Hayward SCX70BC is the taller of the two filter tops available for the ASL filter system. This lid fits model C1250, used when using the 125 SF filter cartridge, the taller of the two cartridges available for the Hayward ASL series filter. See item SCX45BC for the shorter ASL filter lid. 



Hayward ASL C1250 Lid with Locking Ring, SCX70BC
Manufacturer#: SCX70BC
Item#: ZHAY0169
No Longer Available
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