Hayward H-Series 135K BTU Propane Pool Heater

Hayward ABG135 Above Pool Nat Gas Heater shown, model H135ID1


Hayward Aboveground Pool Heater, H135IDP1 the New H-Series 135,000 BTU ABG heater by Hayward, for large aboveground pools of 10-25,000 gallons in size. Hayward H-135 heaters can crank up the heat at a rate of 3-4 degrees for smaller above ground pools and spas , and add 1-2 degrees per hour for large aboveground pools. Hayward's New H135IDP1 or Hayward ABG135 makes a great replacement for a Hayward ABG100 heater, and you will notice the difference in faster and more efficient heating, and enjoy the modern features.

Hayward H-Series H-135K heater for aboveground pools is super efficient, with Low NOx clean air quality exhaust, induced draft for clean combustion, pilotless ignition for gas savings, and a digital display touch pad for ease of use and full digital control, the Hayward H135 pool heater has all the features of the most advanced pool heaters on the market today.

Hayward H135 ABG135 Heaters deliver quick and efficient temperature rise of 20° F for above ground pools and 40° F for spas. Use of a solar pool cover is recommended especially during colder months, to reduce heat loss and cut heating expense by 50% or more, and reduce evaporative water loss.

Hayward ABG 135K Propane heater Features:

  • 135,000 BTU Input is the largest Hayward aboveground pool heater!
  • Induced Draft combustion controls the air flow for high efficiency
  • Low Nox has extremely low levels of nitrous oxide exhaust to meet all standards
  • LED Control Panel with Thermostat, Temp readout and Status lights
  • Cupro-Nickel heat exchanger stands up to corrosive water conditions
  • Balanced water flow reduces air and turbulence, resulting in higher heat transfer
  • Lightweight (100 lbs) and Compact (30""x22""x23"") aboveground pool heater
  • Includes Hayward union connections and adapters for easy water hookup

Also available in Natural Gas Models, see Hayward H135ID1



    Hayward H135 Propane Gas Heater
    Manuf#: H135IDP1
    $1,299.99 Qty.
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    The Hayward H135ID heater is the strong and silent type. Built with the most durable materials and engineered with over 50 years of experience in pool heating, the Hayward H-Series 135,000 BTU is the new leader in its class. Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchanger, Silicon Nitride Igniter, and thick ABS headers with internal bypass are all standard features on the All New H135 heater for above ground pools.


    H-Series 135,000 BTU heaters like to brag about their industry leading hydraulic performance, and faster speed to heat ratios. What that means is that water flows through smoothly, without a lot of turbulence. This in turn allows greater heat transfer to take place, gaining more heat with each pass than other heaters in its class. The intuitive display panel is easy to operate, no manual needed.


    Hayward H-Series 135000 BTU heaters are engineered with ""Totally Managed"" water flow, which means that they heat faster to reduce pump run time. In addition, every H135 Hayward ABG heater is low N0x, which means that it has low [nitrous oxide] emissions, and meets California and Texas air quality standards.

    Hayward ABG 135K Propane heater Installation:

    • Place the heater on a solid raised base with clear space of 18"" on all sides, and 24"" in the front.
    • Plumb the heater with included hose connection unions, cutting the return pipe or hose after the filter, and running in/out of the pool heater.
    • Power for the heater is extra easy, just plug the 3 ft. power cord into the same outlet as the pool pump, or run another outlet dedicated to the heater if needed.

    Propane gas heaters offer flexibility for operation when a home does not have a piped in Natural Gas supply. If you are interested in knowing what it would cost to have a propane gas heater on an above ground pool, call a few local Propane Suppliers. Tell them you are looking at a 135,000 BTU pool heater, and you want to know the cost to come set up an LPG tank and connect the heater? They might even do it for free! Most LPG suppliers lease their LPG tanks for a low monthly fee, and sell the LP gas each time they come to fill up the tank. For an average 24' round pool, a heater of this size may consume $75-150 per month in propane, or half as much if you use a solar cover on the pool.

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