Hayward Super Pump VS


Hayward Super Pump VS Can Save Up To 80% On Your Energy Bill
The Hayward VS Super Pump (variable speed pump) is one of the most powerful but energy efficient pool pumps available on today’s market. It literally pays for itself after a couple of seasons and can be swapped out with any existing single speed Hayward Super Pump model.

The Hayward Super Pump VS features an enclosed magnetic 1.5 HP motor is incredibly quiet and is super easy to program its digital interface allowing you to control pump speed, duration and even adjust the prime settings. The Hayward Super Pump VS displays its energy consumption letting you know exactly how much energy it is using. It also operates with Hayward automation modes like as OmniLogic® and ProLogic®, or with a competitive control system via relay control.

  • Can reduce your energy bill up to 80%
  • Ultra quiet and efficient magnetic motor
  • Easy to use digital programming
  • Can prime itself up to 10 ft. above water level
  • Can replace all models of Hayward Super Pumps
  • Speed range: 600-3000 RPM
  • Port size: 1.5”
    Hayward Super Pump VS
    Manuf#: W3SP2603VSP
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