Jack's Magic The Filter Fiber Stuff

Jack's Magic the Filter Fiber Stuff, JMFIBER18

Jack's Magic Filter Fiber Stuff, JMFIBER18, is an alternative filter powder for DE pool and spa filters, and a Filter Aid for sand and cartridge filters. Cellulose fiber pulp is created from natural plants, dried and extruded into a powder that has more surface area and greater dirt trapping ability than diatomaceous earth filter powder. In addition, Filter Fiber has none of the disadvantages of DE powder, it is safer to use, store and discharge, and won't clump up in humid environments. 

DE FILTERS can use Jack's Filter Fiber as a direct 1:2 replacement for DE powder, using half as much by weight to coat the filter grids. You not only use less, but it lasts longer too! With a regular bump to the filter, many DE filter owners are reducing their backwash frequency from twice per month, to only once every two months. Less backwashing saves money and time, and also saves thousands of gallons of waste water. 

SAND FILTERS can use Jack's Filter Fiber as an excellent filter aid, to improve dirt trapping ability by nearly 10-fold. Just pour into the skimmer, and Filter Fiber coats the top layer of sand and works into the top few inches. The layer of Filter Fiber improves filter performance to that of a DE filter, stopping the smallest particles, down below 5 microns. Great for spring clean-up, algae recovery, party prep, or for general "aid" to a poor performing pool filter. 

CARTRIDGE FILTERS can also benefit from DE-like sparkle and clarity to their pool or spa water. Just a small amount of the pure cellulose fiber will coat the pleats of your filter cartridge, trapping oils, dirt and particles better than ever before. It's like adding another filter, to your filter - works wonders for undersized above ground pool cartridge filters! When filter pressure rises, just remove the cartridge and Filter Fiber washes away effortlessly with a normal garden hose cleaning. 

    Jack's Magic Filter Fiber Stuff; 18 oz Bag
    Manuf#: JMFIBER18
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    Jack's Magic Filter Fiber is an alternative filter media, a cellulose fiber powder that replaces DE powder.

    • DE Filters use just one DE Scoop for every 12 SF of filter surface area.
    • SAND Filters use 3 oz per 100 lbs sand, up to 9 oz maximum.
    • CARTRIDGE Filters use 3 oz per 25 SF of filter surface area.

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