Jack's Magic The Ionizer Stuff

Jack's Magic Ionizer Stuff - JMION32

Jack's Magic the Ionizer Stuff is a powerful sequestering agent designed to prevent copper and silver ions from coming out of solution, and also allow them to continue to be effective bacteria and algae fighters in your pool water treatment program. 

Jacks Ionizer Stuff is great for electric ionizers like the Power Ionizer or Caribbean Clear, or for floating ionizers like Eko Klor or Floatron, or for cartridge mineral purifiers by Frog and Nature2. Also works great for pools that use (or over-use) copper pool algaecides. 

Pool Ionizers can lead to a turquoise colored copper staining, as can using copper algaecides in the pool. Jack's Magic the 0Ionizer Stuff, added monthly at a rate of 1 qt per 20,000 gallons, will sequester a nearly infinite amount of mineral ions, to keep your pool water clear and your pool surfaces clean.   

    Jack's Magic the Ionizer Stuff - 1 quart
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