Jacuzzi Dirt Catcher 50 SF, 42294207R

No. 12 Image Shown 42-2942-07R Jacuzzi CFR Dirt Catcher 50 Sq Ft Used On Jacuzzi CFR - CFR50 Size. The Dirt Catcher Supports The Cartridge and Forces The Water to Enter Through The Pleats, Then It Channels Clean Water Out of The Filter. There Are 4 Different Sized Dirt Catchers Used On The CFR Filter, This is the Smallest, for the CFR50, Used with a 50 Sq Ft Cartridge. 42294207R Can also be found on The Jacuzzi CFR Parts Page
Jacuzzi Dirt Catcher 50 SF, 42294207R
Manufacturer#: 42294207R
Item#: ZJAC5114
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