Aquabot Mamba Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Mamba Pool Cleaner

The Mamba automatic pool cleaner is a great choice for pool owners looking for an affordable pool cleaning solution with high-end functionality. The Mamba pool cleaner with scrub and vacuum all types of pool surface finishes. Easy to use - the Mamba's vacuum hose simply plugs into your skimmer or vacuum plate and uses the flow created by your pool's filter system to power itself.

The Mamba is equipped with an adjustable bypass valve that allows you to tune the vacuum's operation for small or large capacity filter pumps. Dual suction design ensures that your pump and filter aren't starved for water while the Mamba is working - helping your equipment last longer!


Mamba Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner
Manufacturer#: E1579
Item#: E1579



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    • Works on above ground or in-ground pools.
    • Dual suction protects your equipment.
    • Adjustable Flow Regulator.


    • Pleated seal is ideal for concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, and tile pools.
    • Universal adaptor fits all skimmer holes.
    • Includes 32 ft. of hose.

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