Meyco Pool Cover 18x36 Pool Size

Meyco Pool Cover

Meyco Safety Pool Cover, Rectangle. Pool Size: 18'x36' - Cover Size 20'x38'

Durable long-lasting Meyco pool covers are strong enough to support your entire family, yet light enough to install or remove from your pool in minutes! Crafted from super-strong, two-ply MeycoLite® mesh, Meyco safety pool covers resist rot, mildew, sunlight and chlorine damage and have a break strength of over 4,000 lbs.

The cover is held in place with Meyco cover anchors, a time-tested spring-loaded brass "Pop-Up" anchoring system that recesses flush with your deck when not in use. If you have children or small pets in your home or neighborhood, nothing provides better protection against accidental drowning than Meyco pool covers for rectangular in-ground swimming pools.

Meyco Mesh Pool Safety Cover - 18' X 36' Rectangle
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    Meyco's fine lightweight mesh allows rain and snow to seep through, but screens out leaves and debris, making spring clean-up a snap! Just vacuum out the fine silt, and you're ready for a new season! The cover is forest green and backed by a 12-Year Warranty. 2 years full.

    Meyco covers are a long-term investment in safety, protection and peace-of-mind. Each cover comes complete with spring-loaded brass "Pop-Up" anchoring system, stainless steel buckles and protective cover springs, installation tool and heavy-duty storage bag. Meyco is quite simply one of the leading names in pool cover technology. The first company to produce pool covers, Meyco has gone on to develop better and more durable covers since they invented them in the 50s.

    • Forest green Meyco rectangle safety pool covers are as attractive as they are effective.
    • Support the weight of a large family with Meyco in-ground safety pool covers.
    • Virtually maintenance free, as mesh covers allow water to seep through.
    • Flush-to-your-deck anchoring system featured in all Meyco rectangle safety pool covers.
    • Light-weight Meycolite mesh construction makes Meyco covers an excellent year-round cover.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Made of 2-ply Meycolite® mesh.
    • Break strength of 4,000 pounds.
    • Color is forest green. May custom order blue.
    • Includes brass pop-up anchors, stainless steel springs, installation tool and storage bag.
    • For initial installation a 3/4" drill bit and rotary hammer drill are needed.



    • Rectangle pool with no step sections. Square corners or no more than a 2' radius corner.
    • No obstructions that can not be removed within 18" of the waterline. Such as ladders, slides or diving boards.
    • Must have at least 3' of concrete on all sides of the pool.

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