Polaris 180 / 280 Factory Tune Up Kit, A49

Polaris 180 / 280 Tune-Up Kit, Pn A-49 Tune Up Kit Includes: C-16, C-60, C-36, C-55, C-10, C-65, C-86, C-6, C-80, C-64, C-83, C-66, C-63 Use The Tune-Up Kit For Improved Tracking and Skip-Free Performance Around The Pool. Replaces All Wheels and Bearings, Drive Turbine and Swing Axle for the Small Wheel. Also Available Is The Polaris 180/280 Rebuild Kit, Pn A-47, Which Includes these Parts, Plus Top. Base/Tail/Bag/Float/Hardware A-47 and A-49 Can also be found on Polaris 180 and 280 Parts Pages
Polaris 180 / 280 Factory Tune Up Kit, A49
Manufacturer#: PVA49
Item#: ZZOD5348
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