Polaris 280 Bag K16 - 2 Pack

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Pack of two (2) Polaris 280 All-Purpose Debris Bags, so you always have a spare! We’re overstocked on the K-16 debris bag for Polaris 280 cleaners, so we cleverly created this incredible value of two Polaris 280 bags at a special reduced price.

Genuine Polaris 280 All Purpose debris bags are a fine mesh material to trap dust and silt, but still allow leaves to pack in fully. K-16 has a Velcro closure and a heavy duty collar with oval shaped tabs to snap-fit onto the Polaris 280 cleaner only (360 and 380 bags have square tabs).

Don’t pass up this opportunity to be the proud owner of two (2) Polaris 280 bags for such a low cost - this is a limited time offer and will only be around while supplies last.

    Polaris 280 Bag K16 - 2 Pack
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