Polaris 180/280 Axle, Large (Rear Wheel Only), C65

No. 20 Image Shown Above C-65 Axle, Large (Rear Wheel Only) - Fits Polaris 180 and 280 Cleaners, and Is for the Rear Wheel (On The Two Wheel Side) Only. The Axle Bolts to The Frame and Accepts The Wheel. Use C-65 to Replace Broken Axles From Cleaner Being Dropped or Falling, or From A Rough Bump In The Pool. Adjust The Axle to Slide Rear Wheel Close to The Small Wheel (Idler Wheel), Making Soft Contact For Best Traction and Tracking.
Polaris 180/280 Axle, Large (Rear Wheel Only), C65
Manufacturer#: C-65
Item#: ZZOD0130
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