Polaris Collar (Lock Ring) for Back Up Valve, G57

No. 57 Image Shown G-57 Polaris 380 Collar, Back-Up Valve. This is the Collar for the Polaris Back-Up Valve (G-52). Does Not Include Case Kit (G-54), but If Your Collar (Lock Nut) Has Worn Thin and Broken, but Your Case Kit Is Ok, Replace It with G-57. Also Place A New Hose Float (D-10) Just Before or After The Back-Up Valve, to Keep It From Rubbing On The Pool Floor. G-57 Can also be found on Polaris Hose Parts Pages
Polaris Collar (Lock Ring) for Back Up Valve, G57
Manufacturer#: G-57
Item#: ZZOD0150
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