Polaris UWF Restrictor Disks, Red & Blue, 1011200

10-112-00 Restrictor Disks. Red and Blue, Used to restrict flow from the pump, when pressure is too high (and overpowering the pool cleaner). Do Not Use if they are not needed, to reduce pump flow rate. To test Proper Polaris booster pump flow or pressure, place a mark with an ink pen on one of the wheels on the double wheel side. Hold the cleaner under water with the booster pump operating, and the wall strainer or filter clean. Timing with a watch, count the number of wheel revolutions (by watching the mark rotate), for 30 seconds, then multiply by 2. Proper range is 28-32 revolutions per minute (RPM).
Polaris UWF Restrictor Disks, Red & Blue, 1011200
Manufacturer#: 10-112-00
Item#: ZZOD0291
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