Polaris System & Cell Tester Kit - 84-901

84-901 Polaris AutoClear System & Cell Tester KitThe Polaris AutoClear? automated chlorinating system produces all the chlorine needed to keep a pool sanitized naturally and safely. Using the pool?s water and a small amount of added salt, the AutoClear system uses a natural process to generate a controlled amount of pure chlorine.Polaris AutoClear uses an electrolytic cell to convert ordinary salt (NaCl), dissolved in pool water into pure chlorine. Installed on the return side of the pool?s filtration system, the cell is controlled automatically by a simple-to-operate controller mounted nearby. The chlorine sanitizes the pool by oxidizing algae, bacteria and organic contaminant's. It then converts back into salt.This cycle is repeated indefinitely. If the pool water does not have the low level of salt required (equal to one teaspoon of salt per gallon of water), it can easily be added. After the proper salt level is attained, the pool?s water will be clean, clear and noticeably softer.
Polaris System & Cell Tester Kit - 84-901
Manufacturer#: 84-901
Item#: ZZOD5271
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