Polaris UWF Eyeball Fitting, 651100

6-511-00 Polaris UWF Eyeball Fitting Used On Polaris When Using A Low Pressure Polaris Cleaner Like Polaris 65/165/360 - The Cleaner Is Plugged Into A 1.5 Inch Return Line, Connecting to A Quick Disconnect Fitting Threaded In The Wall (The Universal Wall Fitting, UWF). This Unique Eyeball Fitting Has A QD Connection, to Quickly Remove The Polaris Cleaner (without Removing The UWF), and Quickly Install An Eyeball Return Fitting Back Into The Wall. For More Polaris Eyeball and Return Connection Kits, dive in our parts department.
Polaris UWF Eyeball Fitting, 651100
Manufacturer#: 6-511-00
Item#: ZZOD0318
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