Pool Frog 5400 Series Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir

Mineral Reservoir for King Tech Pool Frog 5400 Series of in groundpool chlorine and mineral systems. - 01-12-5462For swimming pools up to 40,000 gallons.The Mineral Reservoir contains Pool Frog's EPA registered mineralformula and fits inside the Cycler. The minerals continuallyreplenish themselves for added protection against bacteria, as wellas keeping your pool's pH balanced by acting as an acidneutralizer. One Mineral Reservoir will last the full season or upto 6 months; use two reservoirs for year-round pools.When removing the old mineral cartridge you may hear some mineralmaterial left over in the reservoir, this is normal and theseminerals are inactive. Simply drop the new cartridge into the PoolFrog Cycler, lining up the slot on the reservoir with the fin inthe bottom of the cycler. The mineral sanitizers in the reservoirbecome active as soon as they get wet. The minerals become inactiveas soon as they get dry. If you remove the mineral reservoir forany reason, including closing the pool down for the season, youwill need to get a new reservoir.
Pool Frog 5400 Series Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir
Manufacturer#: 01-12-5462
Item#: A2584
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