Pool Magic Spring & Fall

Pool Magic Spring & Fall

Pool Magic is an innovative, all-natural formula that helps to keep pool water and pool surfaces clean. Ideal for pool owners who want to enjoy a swift and easy spring pool opening, Pool Magic breaks down non-living organic materials such as lotions and oils, thereby helping to prevent cloudy water and water-line formation. By preserving the pool's liner or finish, Pool Magic for pool closing and openings significantly reduces the need for scrubbing and cleaning.

Directions for Use:

Use entire 1 liter bottle for pools up to 25,000 gallons (95,000L)

In The Fall

  1. Follow dealer instructions for closing
  2. Add Pool Magic Spring & Fall as the last step before covering pool
  3. Test phosphate levels to ensure levels are near zero

In The Spring

  1. Bring water level to normal and add any time after shocking and balancing chemicals

Note: Chlorine must be under 5ppm before adding this product

    Pool Magic Enzyme Treatment
    Manuf#: 3722
    $20.99 Qty.
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    Pool Magic Spring & Fall 1 Liter - 2 Pack
    Manuf#: 3722
    $32.99 Qty.
    This product is excluded from current promotion



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    • Pool Magic is an all-natural, patented enzyme-based formula.
    • Pool Magic breaks compounds such as oils and lotions.
    • Keeps pool water cleaner while preventing water-line formation.
    • Helps to preserve your swimming pool's liner or finish.
    • Reduces the need for scrubbing and cleaning, and acid washing
    • Makes spring pool openings faster and easier.
    • Makes swimming pool maintenance easier.
    • Pool Magic's enzymes work harder as temperatures increase.
    • Natural formula is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.
    • Allows for reduced chlorine usage.
    • Easy and convenient to use.
    • Economically priced for excellent value.


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