Common Pool Oring, Fits 1307, 192039, E-43, O158

O-158 Replaces Many OEM Orings. Small Oring Fits Diverter Stems and Drain Plugs. Used On Jandy Valves, As Diverter Stem Orings. O-158 (O-2220) Replaces Many Small Orings, Such As: Arneson Pool Sweep E-43 Blue White 9003-067 Chlorinator Oring Compool Pentair 190039 Shaft Oring Jacuzzi 47-0116-30R Dial Valve Oring Jandy Valve Never Lube 1307 Oring Jandy 3940 Actuator Valve Oring Jandy R0487100 Never Lube Shaft Oring Jandy R0552200 Backwash Valve Shaft Oring Letro E-43 Turbo Sweep Oring PacFab 192039 Full Flow Valve Oring Purex 071428, 072552 Shaft Oring Waterway Diverter Truseal Oring, 805-0116Ep Also Fits Jacuzzi 47-0016-05 47-0016-06 47-0116-05 47-0116-30 47-0117-05 and More! 721R0195030 9003-067 Or-4 308-1054 Le-43 201-002 02-116 2920141230
Common Pool Oring, Fits 1307, 192039, E-43, O158
Manufacturer#: O-158
Item#: ZAPC0049
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