PoolCenter Ultimate Winter Closing Kit

PoolCenter Ultimate Winter Closing Kit

Algae Beware! Specially formulated, this exclusive winterizing kit packs the same powerful punch as our time-tested and proven Super Kit - but includes 1 quart of Pool Magic Spring & Fall with Phos Free which starves winter algae of the nutrients it needs to grow. Combined with the non-chlorine time-release floater that eliminates carbon dioxide you now have the ultimate winterizing package!

Our winter kits are designed to care for your pool over the winter months when your pump and filter are not running to help ensure a trouble-free spring opening. Our kits contain chemicals that when used in conjunction with each other will treat your pool water over the winter months.

PoolCenter Ultimate Winter Closing Kit - up to 35,000 Gallons
Item#: W1050



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    •     1 quart Natural Chemistry Metal Free
    •     3 lbs. Chlorine-Free Shock
    •     1 Time-Release Floater filled with 4 lbs. of non-chlorine oxidizer
    •     1 quart Natural Chemistry Pool Magic Spring & Fall with Phos Free
    •     1 Winter Sorbâ„¢

    Chlorine-free Shock
    Chlorine-based pool shocks reduce the effectiveness of algaecide and other chemicals and can potentially bleach pool walls or damage liners. Our chlorine-free shock is 43% Potassium Monopersulfate, a powerful oxidizing agent that helps burn off any remaining impurities and won't reduce the effectiveness of other chemicals.

    Time-Release Chemical Floater
    Our exclusive time-release floatation device discharges a non-chlorine oxidizing agent into your pool water for weeks after it's been covered. Its main function is to remove carbon dioxide from the water - eliminating one of algae's primary food sources.

    Metal Free
    Specifically formulated for closing your pool, Winter Stain Away helps eliminate stain-causing metals and minerals that can leave your with costly liner stains or hard-to-clean waterline build-up. Especially important if you have high iron content or if you use well water.

    Pool Magic & Phos Free
    The final step to preventing algae next spring. When used in conjunction with our other pools closing chemicals our Winterizer is the perfect "knock-out" punch against algae. It also helps other chemicals work more efficiently over wider pH ranges, which is crucial during the winter months.

    Winter Sorb (TM) 
    Made exclusively for our Winterizing Kits, the Winter Sorb(TM) can absorb up to 40 times its weight in residual suntan lotions and body oils to prevent grease, grime and waterline scum.

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