Pro 19" Flexible Vacuum Head

Swimming Pool Vacuum Head shown

Pro 19 inch Flexible Vacuum Head for concrete pools. Weighted with heavy lead weights to improve traction and maneuverability, and soft silicon wheels to grip onto any surface, this could be the last pool vacuum attachment you ever buy, and the concrete vacuum head reviews on this model are all you need to know - pool pros love this vac head!

Non-marring pool vac head won't leave marks on your pool, and vacuuming a pool has never been more enjoyable! That's right - you may even enjoy pool vacuuming when using such a high quality pool tool. As you move the vac head over the pool surfaces, you will marvel at the smooth rolling wheels, easy swivel handle attachment, and the solid surefooted tracking.

Our Pro 19 inch pool vacuum head fits 1.5" and 2" vacuum hoses, and any standard telepole attaches with the standard butterfly clip, included. Vac head has adjustable wheels to raise or lower the vac head for optimizing suction with any filter system. Stop vacuuming your pool with your flimsy 14" non-weighted, non-swivel vacuum head and use the pool cleaning tools used by professional pool men and women!

8 Long Lasting Silicone Vac Wheels are included for smooth rolling performance. We offer replacement wheels below for future vac head rebuilds. 

    Pro 19" Flexible Vacuum Head
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    Replacement Vacuum Wheels 4-Pk
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