Pro Maintenance Bundle Plus

Professional Pool Maintenance Kit with Four of our Best Cleaning Tools,

Professional Pool Maintenance Kit

Our color-matched pool cleaning supplies like these not only look great hanging on the wall, but they will make the job of cleaning your pool less laborious. High quality pool maintenance kit with four of our most popular pool cleaning tools. Using good equipment always makes any task more enjoyable, or less distasteful at least! Go Pro with this professional grade pool cleaning tools bundle, and save $10 over buying these items separately.

Pro Dual Cam Telescopic Pole. This professional grade aluminum 2-Piece Telepole is very well balanced, and easy to extend into position and lock into place with a quick twist of the comfortable gel grips. Extends from 7 ft. to 21 ft. in length.

Commercial Skimmer Net. Oversized 18" flat skimmer net, sometimes called a 'Dip 'N Flip' skimmer net. Flat nets are preferred by some pool cleaners, and are perfect for any light-duty leaf removal. This net is more useful than most pool skimmer nets however, with a beveled front edge for pushing along the floor or a step, and a deeper mesh pocket and raised edge, to hold more leaves.

Commercial Leaf Rake. Oversized 20" deep leaf rake, traps up to 5 gallons of leaves! Like the skimmer net above, the Leaf Rake is made with an aluminum frame, ABS handle, and a super durable mesh, that resists sun, chemicals, insects, and is virtually puncture proof. Strong space-age fibers are woven and fused to become super tough, but remain soft to the touch.

Supreme Pool Brush. Also Oversized, this brush has nearly 3x the amount of bristles used on regular 18" pool brushes. Other features include an extra wide body through the center, prevents the most common cause of brush failure. Stainless steel handle adds weight and will never rust or break. Flared bristles help to clean corners and uneven surfaces better.

Order your Pro Pool Cleaning Tools Kit Today, and stop working so hard with inferior pool cleaning tools!


    Pro Maintenance Bundle Plus
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