Raypak Digital ASME Nat Gas Pool Heaters

Raypak Digital ASME Nat Gas Pool Heaters

Raypak commercial pool heaters meet the ASME pressure vessel requirements demanded by code for commercial installations over 200,000 BTU and are certified to the ANSI Z21.56 pool heater standard.  Each one is inspected by ASME and certified for any commercial pool heater install. 

Raypak ASME heaters are fitted with glass lined, cast iron headers to meet the higher working pressure requirements for ASME certification. In addition, heavy duty Copper finned heat exchangers are 50% thicker than regular copper tube bundles. Perfect for long life and time tested performance.  

Raypak digital commercial pool heaters also bring solid state heating controls, with digital display and easy to use interface with status and troubleshooting indicators. Simple push button operation, fully electronic and digital operation. 

The Raypak Digital Heater replaced the Raypak RP2100 in 2004. All Raypak Digital heaters retrofit perfectly with the older model RP2100 heaters.

Total Control

The Raypak Digital swimming pool heater is equipped with a microprocessor-based control center. This control allows you to set your swimming pool or spa temperature precisely at your preferred setting just by pressing an up or down temperature control button. The digital display gives you a constant readout of your water temperature. Just set it and forget it! It is that easy!


Troubleshooting a Raypak Digital swimming pool heater has never been easier. The Raypak Digital has on-board diagnostic controls that let the user and the service professional know what is going on with the pool heater at all times. In the unlikely event that a problem develops, the digital display easily points out the problem and the probable cause. It's like having a service technician built into every Raypak Digital swimming pool heater.

    009268 - Raypak Model R206A - 200K BTU Digital Copper Nat. Gas Pool Heater - ASME
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    009269 - Raypak Model R266A - 266K BTU Digital Copper Nat. Gas Pool Heater - ASME
    Manuf#: 009269
    Now $2,338.19 was $2,505.99 Qty.
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    009270 - Raypak Model R336A - 333K BTU Digital Copper Nat. Gas Pool Heater - ASME
    Manuf#: 009270
    Now $2,619.89 was $3,100.99 Qty.
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    009271 - Raypak Model R406A - 399K BTU Digital Copper Nat. Gas Pool Heater - ASME
    Manuf#: 009271
    Now $2,949.29 was $2,959.99 Qty.
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    The Raypak Digital is compatible with most major brand swimming pool control and remote systems on the market today. Any two- or three-wire remote can connect to the Raypak Digital swimming pool heater and be integrated into the pool control system of your choice.

    Wind Resistant

    The Raypak Digital has the best outdoor design on the market today. Raypak has put its over 50 years of experience into the design of its latest swimming pool heater. No need for fans to combat drafting problems, the Raypak digital was designed for outdoor installations with its exclusive low profile design. It is so thoughtfully and carefully designed it actually protects itself from the things that tend to stifle ordinary swimming pool and spa heaters: falling leaves, wind, airborne debris, rain, downdrafts, updrafts, sleet, snow, etc. In fact it is so efficiently designed it ensures uninterrupted heating performance regardless of all but the most extreme weather conditions.

    Heat Exchanger

    Condensation-Free Operation

    Both water temperature and flow rate inside the swimming pool heater are controlled to help eliminate condensation, sooting and scale buildup that can shorten the life of a pool heater. Raypak engineered the Unitherm Governor Specifically for pool heater applications, regulating low-temperature incoming water to help reduce condensation. Raypak has led the industry for over 30 years, setting the standard for condensation protection.

    Rust-Free Waterways

    The Raypak Digital Swimming Pool Heater, with polymer headers, is equipped with an integral copper finned-tube heat exchanger and stainless steel tube sheets. This unique construction guarantees rust-free operation, especially important when heating spas and smaller swimming pools. Even the smallest details such as the studs and nuts are made out of stainless steel. The Payoff? A swimming pool heater that will last year after year and can easily be serviced if the need should ever arise.


    Stainless Steel Burners

    Burner design is a critical component in any gas swimming pool heater. The stainless steel burner system used in the Raypak Digital is inherently forgiving and extremely robust. The burner is self-adjusting to compensate for gas pressure fluctuations, allowing the heater to always burn clean and safe.

    Fan-Assisted Combustion

    Not all swimming pool heaters are made the same. The Raypak design uses a fan to provide cool, controlled combustion air to the burners. Other brands use a fan to pull hot flue gases through the heater. The Raypak design allows the heater to outperform all others during cold starts and provide longer component life.

    Pilot Ignition

    Raypak Digital swimming pool heaters come standard with intermittent spark ignition pilot safety controls. What this means is that the pilot only comes on when there is a call for heat. This is a more energy efficient way to control your swimming pool heater's gas usage by not having a standard pilot. This is the most reliable and robust ignition system available, an industry-proven standard for over 20 years.

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    The Difference is the Heat Exchangers.

    Standard Copper Fin Heat Exchanger Tube
    Standard Copper Fin Heat Exchanger Tube

    Copper Fin Tube - (Standard Residential)

    For most residential applications the standard option of copper fin tube is the best choice. The Raypak Digital is built with the highest quality integral copper fin tube available. Copper is well known for its ability to efficiently transfer heat, and is an excellent choice for pool and spa heater exchangers, where the water chemistry is properly maintained.

    Cupro-Nickel Fin Heat Exchanger Tube
    Cupro-Nickel Fin Heat Exchanger Tube

    Cupro-Nickel Fin Tube - (Optional)

    Raypak heaters are available with an optional cupro-nickel fin tube heat exchanger for added protection against aggressive water chemistry, which has been known to attack copper heat exchangers and cause premature failure. Cupro-nickel offers superior tolerance to bad water chemistry and increases erosion protection, thanks to a harder surface and wall that is approximately 50% thicker than our standard copper fin tube. When you're unsure of your ability to maintain the pool or spa water chemistry, a cupro-nickel heat exchanger is a cost-effective way to protect against premature failure.

    ASME Copper Fin Heat Exchanger Tube
    ASME Copper Fin Heat Exchanger Tube

    ASME Copper Fin tube - (Optional - Commercial)

    ASME stands for American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a non-profit group which sets many industrial and manufacturing standards. A pool heater that is made to ASME standard must perform to a set of specifications as determined by ASME, specifically in relation to the operating water pressure the application can handle. Each and every ASME heat exchanger that goes into Raypak heater is certified by a state inspector to make sure it complies with ASME codes for pool heaters. Why ASME? Most local codes require that public pools, pools that are in condominiums, apartments, or other commercial applications, be ASME certified.

    The Raypak Digital ASME gas heater is equipped with .062" wall integral copper finned tubes. This tubing is approximately 50% larger in wall thickness than standard tubing, providing additional resistance to wear from chemical corrosion. Raypak also has an ASME version which incorporates a Cupro-Nickel heat exchanger for pool applications subject to more aggressive chemical treatment, such as you would find in a health club spa. Raypak has inspectors on-site daily performing certifications for our pool heater and commercial boiler production that may require ASME.

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