Safe-N-Clean Metal Sequester Gel Cap

 2-Pack Of Safe -N-Clean Metal Sequester Gel Cubes Is Part of PoolCenter's Green Pool Chemicals

Safe-N-Clean Metal Sequester Gel Caps are the affordable, one-step solution to metal stain problems in your swimming pool or spa. Simply drop a single-gel cube into your filter basket, and it can treat up to 30, 000 gallons of water for up to 30 days. It’s designed to excel in treating discoloration from well water by slowly dissolving in the pump basket and instantly trapping metals like scale, calcium, magnesium, iron and more. The metals are eliminated from the filtration system after backwashing and rinsing. Safe-N-Clean is a non-toxic, biodegradable and green swimming pool chemical!

• 1 Gel-Cap = Single 30 Day Dose
• Treats spas, pools, and even aesthetic chemical systems
• Great for tinted well water
• Sequesters scale, calcium, magnesium, copper and iron
• Clears up water discolored from trace amounts of metal
• Stops unsightly stains from forming
• Apply by dropping in pump basket
• Works with all filter types
• Non-toxic, environmentally safe, & biodegradable
• Made in the United States

    Metal Sequester Gel Cap - 2-Pk
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