Safe-N-Clean Pool Oxidizer Gel Cap

Safe-N-Clean Pool Oxidizer Gel Cap Chlorine-Free Pool Shock Alternative From

Safe-N-Clean Chlorine Free Pool Oxidizer Gel Caps are a chlorine-free, cost-effective pool water treatment that you simply drop in your skimmer every other week—no measuring, no mess! It’s a fast-dissolving specialty pool specialty chemical inside of a fast-dissolving time-released oxidative gel that protects your pool from stain build-up from lotions, ammonia, and chloramines.

Use as a bi-weekly treatment to compliment your chlorine for sanitized and clear pool water.  Each concentrated slow-dissolving gel-cap treats up to 30,000 gallons.

• Each application lasts up to 30 days
• Use as a biweekly or weekly treatment for pools with heavy use
• Safely oxidizes organic metabolites, chloramines, ammonia
• Drop in skimmer basket
• Saves space for supply storage
• Made in the USA

    Pool Oxidizer Gel Cap 2 pack
    Manuf#: 2910-040
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