Safe-N-Clean Spa Clarifier Gel Cap

Spa Clarifier Gel Caps For Treating Cloudy Spa & Hot Tub Water Found At

Safe-N-Clean’s Spa Clarifier Gel Caps are the once-a-month, hands-free, answer to quickly cleaning up cloudy spa and hot tub water. This small but powerful Spa Gel Cap is made of a quick-dissolving time released, nontoxic gel formula that increases the strength of your spa filter’s ability to trap particles and enables it to filter the smallest of pollutants and algae. All that you have to do is drop the Gel Cap into your pump’s basket, and let it get to clarifying your spa water instantly. One small Gel Cap lasts up to 30 days per 1000 gallons of water.

Pool Center’s Safe-N-Clean Spa Clarifier Gel Caps can also reduce pump run time from 8 to as little as 2 hours, which saves you money on expensive utilities. It’s the no mess, no fuss hands-free approach to perfect spa water.

  • Fast acting clarifier
  • Reduces pump run time
  • Biodegradable, green formula
  • One Gel Cap lasts up to a month
  • Rely less on bromine or chlorine
  • Just drop in your skimmer basket
  • Small Gel Caps save storage space
  • Made in the U.S.A
    Spa Clarifier Gel Cap -2 pack
    Manuf#: 2910-020
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