SeaKlear Free & Klear Clarifier

SeaKlear Free & Klear Clarifier

SeaKlear Free & Klear 3-in-1 formula takes all the benefits of their best-in-class Natural Clarifier and combines it with a powerful phosphate remover and scum-hungry enzymes to create a simplified 3-in-1 weekly pool care solution. Enjoy grime-free waterlines, surfaces free of oily build-up, a low phosphate count (333% better than its competition) and crystal clear water all from one bottle of Free & Klear.


  • 3-in-1 SeaKlear Product for year round control of phosphates and clarity
  • Removes 333% more phosphates than other products
  • Enjoy all the benefits of SeaKlear Natural Clarifier plus, enzymes along with phosphate remover
  • Residual of broad-spectrum natural enzymes aid in the final cleanup of organics and oils once pool water reaches normal swimming temperatures
  • American Made Product


Pour 4 ounces of SeaKlear Free & Klear per 10,000 gallons of pool water, weekly. Double the dosage if necessary (up to 8 oz. per 10,000 gallons). 1 quart in 10,000 gallons will remove up to 1,000 ppb.

    Sea Klear Free & Klear - 1 Qt.
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