SeaKlear PhosKlear 4000

SeaKlear PhosKlear 4000 From Is A Clarifier Phosphate Remover All-In-One

SeaKlear PhosKlear 4000 features two chemicals in one! It disposes of phosphates and the natural clarifier quickly returns crystal clear clarity to the water. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with the measurement and application of two separate pool chemicals. The all natural clarifying solution is non-toxic and safe for your family while being gentle on pool surfaces. PhosKlear 4000 is perfect for weekly treatments and pool openings making it great for residential swimming pool care.

  • Removes 4,000 ppb of phosphates while keeping water crystal clear
  • All natural clarifier
  • Ideal for for saltwater pools
  • Use 2 oz. to treat 10,000 gallons

Directions for Use:
1 quart to removes 4,000 ppb of phosphates per 10,000 gallons

    SeaKlear PhosKlear 4000 - 1 Qt.
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