SeaKlear Rescue Klear

Sea Klear Rescue Klear Pool Clarifier Is An All Natural 2-In-1 Clarifier With Enzymes From

Clarifying your swimming pool with Sea Klear Rescue Klear is the all-natural, easy way to clarify cloudy pool water! Rescue Klear clarifier teams-up with powerful scum-eating enzymes to quickly save your pool from unsightly cloudiness. Rescue Klear is great as a quick post-pool party clarifier or to tidy-up cloudiness from heavy rains. Rescue Klear saves yours pool and is safe for your pool and swimmers because it is made from environmentally safe, naturally occuring ingredients!

  • Works faster than shock and slow-dissolving clarifying solutions
  • Best value in its class
  • Use for seasonal pool start-up or weekly maintenance
  • Gets rid of high-levels of organics & non-organics
  • Residual of broad-spectrum natural enzymes aid in the clean-up of organics & oils
  • Made in the U.S.!

How to Apply:

Use as little as 2 oz. (per 10,000 gallons of water) of SeaKlear Rescue Klear depending on the severity of your pool water cloudiness. Will cure your pool water issues. For total water disasters, add 32 oz. of Rescue Klear in the deep end. There is no need to worry about overdosing – SeaKlear Rescue Klear degrades fast and backwashes out of your filtration system along with the debris.

Allow 6-8 hours after applying Rescue Klear to swim.

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