Raypak Sensor Well, for Millivolt Heaters, 006805F

006805F Replacement Sensor Well Millivolt For Raypak RP2100-MV Millivolt Heaters made before 2003. Also Fits Versa 130 heaters. Measures 3-3/8in, Stainless Steel with Brass threaded nut. Other Raypak heaters use sensor well 007211F, which is the same 3-3/8in Stainless Steel tube without the brass nut soldered onto the top. This Dry Sensor Well holds the Capillary Bulb Sensor from the Thermostat. Replace when corrosion eventually wears a hole through It and It starts to Leak. 006805F Can also be found on Schematic Diagram in our parts department.
Raypak Sensor Well, for Millivolt Heaters, 006805F
Manufacturer#: 006805F
Item#: ZRAY5323
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