Skimlite Professional Dual-Lock Telepoles

Skimlite Professional Dual-Lock Telepoles

Skimlite’s Super-Duty Telepoles are robust and built tough to tackle the most demanding of pool-cleaning jobs.  These commercial strength poles are constructed with pool pros in mind.  These super strong telepoles are handmade from the heaviest grade aluminum and feature locking mechanisms that work in conjunction with the industrial grade grip to get the job done easier. 

Double Lock Security
The Dually was created with both an internal lock and an external lock.  Use both locks for the toughest jobs that require longer lengths or only use one of the locks for quicker and lighter jobs.

Outside Lock Since 1959
A swimming pool industry favorite since its release in 1959, Outside lock is constructed with the toughest plastics ever made. It features nylon male fittings and is compressed onto the exterior tube with a full ton of pressure that ensures it will not disconnect.  The female and ferrule fittings are both easily replaced when worn.  The lock allows for greater extensions for work that demands longer lengths.  

Internal Cam Versatility 
The patented Internal Cam pole is designed with a patented cam plug that that is compressed into the interior pole with a shoe/cam that is designed to be effortlessly replaced when finally worn out. The mechanism makes adjusting the pole’s length very easy.
All tubes are made of the strongest American aluminum in the industry.

    3-pc Dual-Lock Telepole - 6' to 18'
    Manuf#: 9018
    $129.99 Qty.
    This product is excluded from current promotion
    4-pc Dual-Lock Telepole - 9.5' to 31'
    Manuf#: 5432
    $259.99 Qty.
    This product is excluded from current promotion
    2-pc Dual-Lock Telepole - 8' to 16'
    Manuf#: 9016
    $134.99 Qty.
    This product is excluded from current promotion

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