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SmartLite’s Rechargeable Underwater LED Light can be used almost anywhere! Add pool lighting without an expensive installation or hang it to illuminate your pool ladder, steps, or wall! It has 24 color options, a sleek remote control, includes a re-charging pad and does not need batteries. The budget-minded Smartlite offers these benefits and can also be used outside of your pool as well.

The waterproof SmartLite measures just 4.5” D X 2”H and offers a couple mounting options. You can hang it with the included light hanger that easily hangs on your return fitting and it also includes a mounting plate for using it to light stairs, the ladder or even your deck. The unsinkable SmartLite also works as a floating light to create a subtle ambience as it drifts about in your pool.

The easy-to-use remote control lets you choose from 24 colors, adjust the brightness, and includes four modes to flash, strobe, fade, or smoothly transition between colors. If you have a large pool, we recommend using two lights if you wish to illuminate the whole pool.

• Rechargeable “anywhere” light
• Internal lithium ion battery charges in 2 hours after depleted
• Lasts 8 hours per charge
• No batteries needed
• Super easy and versatile to hang or mount
• Weatherproof & waterproof remote
• Mount it, float it, or simply set it on a table top
• 24 color options, 4 modes, and 2 brightness options
• Voltage/power: 7.5V/2W

    SmartLite Rechargeable Underwater LED Light
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