SeaKlear Spa Pods Shock Oxidizer

SeaKlear Spa Pods Shock Oxidizer

The 10 count of Spa Pods offer a convenient, pre-measured method for keeping spa and hot tub water clean without dealing with the messy chemicals.  SeaKlear spa Pods contain a powerful formula that oxidizes contaminants, eliminates odors, and restores sparkling clear water.  After using the spa, just toss one pod into the tub with the circulation jets and pump working. The pod will dissolve and effervesce for a few minutes.  Leave uncovered for one hour and running for at least 2hours.  One pod treats 500 gallons.

Spa Pods Shock Oxidizer
Manufacturer#: 1160054
Item#: Y4846



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    • Easy-to-handle pods eliminate odors, including chlorine smell
    • Oxidizes organic contaminants
    • Helps reduce sanitizer demand
    • Controls the formation of chloramines
    • Specially formulated and balanced to maintain pH
    • Convenient toss and go pod
    • No messy or wasteful measuring vs. granular formulas
    • No need to handle chemicals directly

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