Aquabot Splasher Automatic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Splasher Suction Pool Cleaner shown

Aquabot Splasher - Value Priced Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Splasher is a diaphragm (Baracuda style) suction cleaner that is powered by your 3/4 hp or greater filter pump. Suction cleaners connect to your skimmer or dedicated wall vacuum port and the suction or vacuum pressure creates both the movement of the cleaner and also the vacuuming of dirt and debris.

Aquabot Splasher is the lowest priced cleaner in the Aquabot line-up of pool cleaners, but is not short on features. Designed to be simple to install, use and repair, the Splasher pool cleaner has only 15 Parts! Splasher is also made with the newest poly-resins available, for strong and sturdy components that are highly resistant to wear and weather.

Splasher is engineered to operate with smaller pool pumps, but does have minimum flow requirements. Splasher is designed to work best with a 1hp above ground pool pump like a Pentair Dynamo or Hayward PowerFlo, but will also work with a 3/4 hp or a 1.5 hp pump, any pump that will create at least 35 gpm of water flow. 

    Splasher Automatic Pool Cleaner
    Manuf#: AZSPLASHER
    $102.99 Qty.
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    - Adjustable Flow Control Valve to adjust cleaner speed
    - Skimmer Attachments to fit most any skimmer style 1.25" to 2"
    - Easy Out Jogger Cone helps Splasher escape tight situations
    - Deflector Wheel keeps Splasher out from behind ladders and rails
    - Easy Assembly and 5-minute Installation for quick start-ups


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