Super Tile and Vinyl Cleaner

Super Tile and Vinyl Cleaner

Super Tile and Vinyl Cleaner is a highly concentrated, alkaline-based cleaner that is ideal for removing tough scum marks, calcium deposits and scale formation on vinyl liners, pool tiles and any pool surface.

Super Tile and Vinyl effectively eliminates oils and build-up commonly associated with heavy or frequent pool use.Super Tile and Vinyl Cleaner is designed specifically for removal of oil, grease and soaps, restoring original sheen to pool surfaces. Super Tile and Vinyl's powerful formula is easy to use and helps you get rid of ugly water line ring and other stains quickly and easily.

Super Tile & Vinyl Cleaner is safe to use in all pools, and unlike other cleansers, won't add phosphates, ammonia, glycerin or other undesirable chemicals to the water. Safe and gentle enough for any pool cleaning task; use on vinyl liners, steps and ladders, slides, diving boards, tile, skimmers and vinyl coping. Cleans vinyl, plastic, metal and tile, without any worry about it getting into the pool. Convenient spray bottle makes any clean-up fast and easy. 

Super Tile & Vinyl Cleaner is the big brother of our less concentrated Tile & Vinyl Cleaner. Both are suitable for tough, sunbaked stains around the pool, and can even be used for an all-over cleaning of neglected vinyl pools that have turned swampy and stained. 

Super Tile and Vinyl Cleaner-1 Quart
Item#: Y4100
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