Supreme 18" Duo Brush

Supreme 18

The revolutionary Supreme Fan Bristle Brush makes brushing your swimming pool easier and faster! It’s big but simple to use! The Supreme Fan Bristle Brush is 18 inches wide and features a bristle fan on both ends of the brush roughly 4 inches wide from the front to the back.

The unique angle of the stainless steel handle has been designed to feel more natural and effortless in the upright position making it much more ergonomic. No more awkward maneuvers and positions to reach the surfaces of your pool! With 20,000 nylon bristles, this effective brush is built to last and gets the job done efficiently with less scrubbing on your part. The fan’s layout optimizes sections of the brush to be used to clean special areas of the pool. The back side of the brush is perfect for the wall with the front and center bristles best for the floor. Unique to the Supreme Fan Bristle Brush: No other brush features bristles that extend beyond the brush’s frame. They make cleaning the tight corners and crevices of the pool much easier.

• 18” wide with 4” wide bristles
• 20,000 plus angled bristles
• Angled bristles work better
• Highly ergonomic design
• High impact plastic with aluminum handle
• Includes spring clip
• Fits all standard telescoping poles
• Safe for any pool surface

Not compatible with the Pro Dual Cam Telepole, item A3018

    Supreme 18" Nylon Fan Bristle Wall Brush
    Manuf#: F10016
    $20.99 Qty.
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