Supreme Vinyl Vacuum Head

The Feature Rich Supreme Vinyl Vacuum Head From is the Evolution of the Swimming Pool Manual Vacuum Cleaners

Introducing the manual pool vacuum head that is almost as effortless as an automatic cleaner! 

The feature-loaded Supreme Vacuum Head is the first manual pool vacuum with flexible disk technology—something only found on automatic cleaners until now! The Supreme Vacuum Head’s Wishbone Frame is a unique design that ensures maximum strength durability.

The Super-Flexible white disks create front and back low-pressure areas that maximize suction for the front located suction point. Unlike other manual vacuum heads, having the suction point in the front, as opposed to the center, prevents fine dirt and debris from being kicked up into the water only to end up back on the pool floor. The front suction point initializes the debris so that it is immediately sucked into the vacuum hose, not stirred up into the pool water. Together, the forward suction point and flexible discs create a thorough and supreme ability to suck up pebbles, twigs, and the finest debris.

The Vinyl model has nylon bristles at front, rear, and both sides for maximum scrubbing of vinyl pool liners. This model also is also equipped with two spring loaded bypass valves that open automatically if there is too much suction to the vacuum head reducing the risk of liner damage.

The hose swivel hose connections make for effortless mobility helps prevent the hose from kinking and getting entangled.

The Supreme Vacuum Head’s twin-pivot system features two connection points at the widest parts allowing you to create leverage that creates effortless positioning and direction changes. Thoroughly cleaning a swimming pool with a manual vacuum head has never been this easy or concise.

Not compatible with the Pro Dual Cam Telepole, item A3018

    Supreme Vacuum Head - Vinyl
    Manuf#: F10015
    $40.99 Qty.
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    • Flexible and versatile disk technology
    • Super tough wishbone frame
    • Nylon bristles on front, either side, and rear
    • Swivel hose connection prevents kinking and entanglement
    • Forward suction port avoids stirring up particles and debris
    • Dual by-pass valves to prevent liner damage
    • 16" across by 11.5" wide

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